Serena Williams, the Comeback Tennis Champion

I’ve had the chance to watch Serena Williams compete at the US Open at Flushing Meadows several times. I’m always blown away by Ms. Williams’ enthralling passion during her matches.

Watching her play tennis will have you venturing to your nearest sports store to purchase a tennis racket and head to the tennis courts. However, you will soon develop a deeper respect for tennis and Ms. Williams’ mastery of the sport. Serena’s fluidity, like other champions, consists of a synergy of hard work, determination, and talent.

Williams’ winning victory over top-ranked Victoria Azarenka at the 2012 US Open championship marks a fourth U.S. Open championship and 15th Grand Slam title overall.

However this match was no walk on the tennis court. Two points from losing the U.S. Open final, Williams resiliently rallied to beat top-ranked Victoria Azarenka. Williams also came all the way back from the health problems that kept her from competing for 10 months in 2010-11.

When the going gets toughest, WIlliams tends to overcome adversity and shine.

“I really was preparing my runner-up speech.”

But Serena chose a new thought and achieved victory.

“I never give up. I never, never quit,” Williams said after the first three-set U.S. Open women’s final since 1995. “I have come back so many times in so many matches.”

Serena tapped into the equation for success! Whenever you’re in a dire situation recognize the power of positive thoughts plus action.

“So many people on tour are like, ‘Oh, you just show up and you win matches.’ I just smile and I let them believe that,” Williams told reporters. “The fact of the matter is I probably work harder than anyone else on the WTA Tour or else I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you guys.”

Sounds like Serena knows about Ant-Mode!

Winning titles 13 years apart at the same Grand Slam tournament represents the longest span of success in the professional era, which began in 1968.

She is the first woman in her 30s to win the U.S. Open since Navratilova in 1987.

She is the first woman to win Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in the same season since 2002, when – yes, that’s right – Williams did it.


Congratulations Serena! You are truly inspiring!



Sources: RACHEL COHEN, AP Sports WriterHOWARD FENDRICH, AP Tennis Writer

Image Credit: Timothy A Clary/AFP/Getty Images


Pack Light!

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